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To Get Your Decal!

Are you a business owner who wants to show you welcome NAPE members at your business?

Doesn’t matter if you’re a member of the St. John’s Board of Trade, or where your business is located in the province. All you need to do is request a ‘NAPE Members Welcome Here’ decal for your front door or window and we’ll get one out to you right away.

Take a picture, and post it on social media with the name of your business and the hashtag #NAPEWelcome. We’ll add your name to the list of NAPE friendly businesses.

Request your decal here.

This simple process is a great way to let your patrons know you support NAPE members at your establishment. 

It will let NAPE members know they’re welcome.

You get their business and have your business promoted while doing it!

You can also add a #NAPEWelcome logo to your website or social media. Just remember to add the #NAPEwelcome hashtag so we add you to the list.

You can download the logo here.

We’ve also asked NAPE members to send us selfies when they spot the decal at a local business. We’ll share those on Facebook.